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Uncomplicate FOCUSED SOLUTIONS Today’s business challenges are extremely complex to solve, from vendor blockchain and process automation to technology integrations and client engagement, we specialize in simplifying the complex and delivering solutions to organizations worldwide. Get Started CyberSecurity CYBERSECURITY Cyberattacks are usually aimed at accessing, changing, or destroying sensitive information; extorting money from users; or interrupting normal business processes.
Implementing effective cybersecurity measures is particularly challenging today because there are more devices than people, and attackers are becoming more innovative.
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DIGITAL FRONTIER The Data Gold Rush is upon us with zettabytes of Internet data being generated annually through edge computing, IoT, social media, eCommerce, cloud services and many others, accessing MEANINGFUL DATA has never been more critical. How much data? CONNECTING Our Artificial Neural Network of Global Data Streams provides clients with several key competitive advantages, including; operational optimizations, new revenue stream identification, improved cashflow management, increased consumer retention, targeted industry profiling and more... Learn more about Innovation Engineering... Questions Who's listening to your data? 01 Yehaaa, lets go What is your data saying? 02 How this works Where is your data sourced? 03 Tell me more When do you act on data? 04 Yes, I want it How is data helping your Business? 05 Show statistics Why aren't you using data? 06 Contact Support
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Over the past decade the invasive expansion of industry disruptors has accelerated with the backing of over $790B from Investors1. Each of these, well financially backed, businesses are focused on executing a single objective; disrupt traditional channels. Technology has empowered new organizations to immediately capitalize on data, be extremely dynamic in business model adaptation and outperform existing market competitors.

Avoid being disrupted by creating a culture of disruption – From your initial consultation we focus on identifying strategies to make your business an industry disruptor. As a group of accomplished financial Analysts, business Founders, actuarial Data Scientists and global 1000 Executives with over five decades of experience within globally diversified organizations, we’re experts at addressing the business and cultural challenges associated with digital transformations.

Become your own future competition – Data Sleuth is dedicated to providing clients with Unified Business Automation (UBA) strategies by empowering stakeholder ingenuity with meaningfully integrated industry data to cultivate a culture of disruption and achieve success in their digital transformations.

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Our History

Data Sleuth, Inc. embodies the unification of over 50 years of hands on experience in the Technology industry. As experienced Entrepreneurs and Industry Professionals we’ve spent our careers focused on building and developing successful solutions to business challenges. Data Sleuth is the culminating result of integrating today’s leading technologies with five decades of business experience, skills, talent and knowledge through AI/ML, providing our clients solutions to digital transformations.

Our Vision

We’re dedicated to the transformation of data science and analytics into Unified Business Automation (UBA). Through UBA every business will become a ‘disruptor’ within their own industry and achieve success in digital transformation. Our goal is to provide all businesses a SaaS based UBA, our dynamic data lake architecture and purpose-built AI/ML (Artificial Intelligence with Machine Learning) algorithms: code-name Carmen, allowing clients to focus on customers and not industry analytics.

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